Mathzetta is a work-in-progress JavaScript library to convert between various math syntaxes.

Goals for 2024 include:
  • Parse LaTeX, Python, and JavaScript inputs.
  • Handle any math up to Calculus.
  • Output to LaTeX, Python, and JavaScript.
  • Perform basic arithmetic.
  • Easily integrate user inputs.

The contribution process aims to be different from most OSS projects, so expect this website to evolve over time. It should be super easy to modify the project, test your changes, and submit all from this site.

For now, there is no way to integrate your changes into the project. Play around as you wish but documentation is sparse and everything is subject to breaking changes.

Input a math expression, LaTeX, Python, or JavaScript. Mathzetta will attempt to convert to LaTeX and then render with KaTeX.
Click here for some possible inputs.
  • Arrays like [[alpha^2,\beta,\Gamma],[sqrt(9),\sqrt[3]{infinity},Math.sqrt(\infty)]] become matrices.
  • Derivatives like der(3x^12,x)=der(3x^12)=36x^11.
  • Limits with lim(\frac{3x^2}{x^2},x,0,r) \leq \lim(\frac{4x^2}{x^2},x,0,left) \leq \lim(5,t,\infty).